AYNSLEY LISTER WEDNESDAY 19TH JUNE 2024 Gunthorpe Village Hall 8PM


Anybody who has followed Warthog over the years will know how fond we are of Aynsley and his music. Most will know him from his full- band gigs at Lowdham Indoor Arena  but over the years he has played several sold-out smaller solo gigs for us. We could not re-launch our midweek programme without him being in there!

Aynsley is one of the UK’s hottest contemporary blues guitarists – many consider him to be among the best in the world. His unique brand of blues-based rock delivers contemporary song writing fuelled with the kind of heart and soul that’s missing from so much modern music.  Whether passionately writing and recording his own material or mesmerising audiences at his live shows, one thing is abundantly clear: music is hard-wired to his DNA and flows from his fingertips like sonic bolts of lightning. With over 100,000 albums sold, lashings of critical acclaim and years of high-profile touring, Lister’s resumé speaks for itself and firmly secures his position as a leading light in the resurgence of British blues-infused music.

“Superb”  The Times

“His guitar-playing is a fire hazard”  MOJO

“Music is a release for me. When I play, I get lost init. It’s a very happy place to be”  Aynsley Lister